Flaming PHP with CodeIgniter

It’s been around 3 years since last I used PHP on a project. PHP5 was quite young back then that bulk of the frameworks I did was still on PHP4. Working on a new project requiring PHP5 and MySQL, I ventured to look for available frameworks for PHP5. (Frameworks are the “go to” design preference amongst developers for rapid development).

I found CodeIgniter to be a rich library of APIs and implements an MVC design very well. I always found web programming languages like PHP – even Perl – to be too procedural even at implementing web applications. Developing applications using the MVC framework makes designing and implementation easier – maintenance too. In Java, I’ve been a proponent of the Spring Framework. CodeIgniter is its counterpart in PHP.

So for those revisiting PHP and are more accustomed to implementing MVC design applications (I believe developers should pick this design over monolithic coding) should try CodeIgniter.

P.S. For secured applications, there are “plugins” available and I’m looking into Redux. Now if only there is a similar channel-security feature (https-to-http switching) in PHP then I’m set. 🙂


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