Six months delayed…critics are disappointed. Apple just released the long awaited refresh of the iPhone yesterday.  For me: it’s an upgrade long overdue.  I’ll get myself one when it becomes locally available.  The dual-core A5 chip and longer battery life alone is a big leap (6 hours internet on 3G!).

The new Siri is interesting too. Conversational English as a voice command is a cool feature.  Questions like “Find me a Persian grill restaurant.” Will bring a search list of available Persian restaurants in close proximity with the combination of GPS, Google Search, and Maps.

Apple released the new iPhone 4S - out on Oct 14

The new dual-core A5 chip iPhone 4S


I’m sure the iPhone 4 owners are disappointed there’s not big enough reason for them to upgrade.  I think that’s Apple’s usual approach in releasing new products.  I always skip a generation of iteration before upgrading. I’m an iPhone 3GS user and the iPhone 4 wasn’t a big upgrade for me – the iPhone 4S is though.  I hope it gets to the Philippine market soon – I anticipate it can be bought in the market by end of 2011 or early 2012.

Go to http://www.apple.com/iphone for more details of the new iPhone 4S.


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