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I’m not the kind that gets drenched of work to the point when I forget dinner – seriously, I am cranky when I skip meals why would I even forget about it?

Lately work eats a lot of my conscious time I’m turning into a workaholic…for good reason – I guess.  With the things that’s been going on in my day-to-day life it seems like work has become a comfort instead of the source of stress.  I’m not saying I don’t get stressed at work…it’s just my personal time has become too stressful I embrace the comforts of work to chill.  Ironic but that’s how it is. I think I need a long weekend alone to do some crazy stuff to relax and just let it go. Hmmm…


Post and post to Posterous

I got interested to Posterous when
I readseveral review articles about it. It’ post-by-email seems convenient and its auto post feature to wordpress, tumblr and twitter sounds like a food idea.

That said, I consider it under evaluation until i’m confident with its going-ons.


I just got myself a Five, as is commonly known among barefoot runners. I was interested when I read about this a couple of weeks ago – that started from a friend who uses one. Tim Ferriss’ blog had me sold with the idea. Just looking at how different my toe stucks out in my feet last I remembered it since grade school shocked me.

Barefoot runners

Un-shod barefoot runners (look at the toe)

Shod foot

Shod foot (see how the toe deforms? ouch!)

It is unbelievable that millennia of evolution had to concede to shod culture – think of high heels as the worst impractical evolutionary shenanigan. Now I’m not entirely sure of how real it is but I decided to try it out myself and see first-hand results.

On a test run of my VFF KSO

I’ve been ‘warming up’ my KSO for the last two days. Just used it for a quick run earlier and will try to use them tomorrow on a scheduled run around the park near the office. I’ll blog about it in a couple of days of any progress and findings I get. I think I’m pretty late in joining the trend of barefoot running but I’m so interested I’d like to start a revolution of barefoot running locally in the Philippines (just as how my friend evangelizes about it to me before getting myself a pair 🙂 ).

Flaming PHP with CodeIgniter

It’s been around 3 years since last I used PHP on a project. PHP5 was quite young back then that bulk of the frameworks I did was still on PHP4. Working on a new project requiring PHP5 and MySQL, I ventured to look for available frameworks for PHP5. (Frameworks are the “go to” design preference amongst developers for rapid development).

I found CodeIgniter to be a rich library of APIs and implements an MVC design very well. I always found web programming languages like PHP – even Perl – to be too procedural even at implementing web applications. Developing applications using the MVC framework makes designing and implementation easier – maintenance too. In Java, I’ve been a proponent of the Spring Framework. CodeIgniter is its counterpart in PHP.

So for those revisiting PHP and are more accustomed to implementing MVC design applications (I believe developers should pick this design over monolithic coding) should try CodeIgniter.

P.S. For secured applications, there are “plugins” available and I’m looking into Redux. Now if only there is a similar channel-security feature (https-to-http switching) in PHP then I’m set. 🙂

Some Bad, Mostly Good

The Bad

The last 7 days I had an all time high with stress levels for 9 months! It’s been that long the word ‘stress’ comes close to anything that I do…the silly part – it’s not me who got stressed up the roof. I’ve only gotten close to irk and that’s it. I’ve finally got my ‘cool’ factor back! I can only hope and dream that someday work becomes fun, instead of stress. I’m on my way there.

The Good(s)

I finally bought myself a new tripod set that I’ve planned on getting for over a year! My SLIK aluminum tripod has to retire from carrying my 350D + lenses. I can finally rest easy from seeing the bent legs and the squeaking camera base. It can’t handle over 5 kilos of gear. The Manfrotto 190xprob + 486rc2 should be strong enough to handle my gears. Now that I have it, I should shoot more to prove its purpose. I didn’t buy this for nothing 🙂

I was also set to buy a new battery pack for my Macbook on my next pay but I decided to check with Digital Hub first if my bloated MB battery is covered with warranty last Saturday. This battery pack was a replacement of my then defective battery (a batch of batteries were eligible for replacement) last January 2008. I was supposed to have another year of warranty for this new battery pack but the swelling started months after January 2009. Normally, a battery pack is considered a consumable item that even an AppleCare (the 3 year extended warranty for Apple items) don’t cover them. The technicians at Digital Hub took a look at it and checked with Apple Singapore. I just got my fresh new battery pack a few hours ago after pickup. Apple agreed to replace it. Thanks Digital Hub!

And So Life Moves On…

Wow! This is one of my longest hiatus on this blog. It’s been around 5 months that this one stayed idle and no new update.

I was in between “full-time” jobs the last couple of months but am glad it isn’t so anymore. I am not one of those of the displaced workforce due to recession. I have to give myself credit to foresee the going ons in the industry that I’d first lose my job without choice. My former co-workers suffered the fate of being forced to go home after their VISA expired with their job contracts terminated. It was my personal decision to leave and take the time to rest for a while from the rush of working in the enterprise. It’s a crazy world…everybody knows that. I direct myself with all my free time to explore my joy and passion – photography.

Since I came back from overseas work, I’d been busy with studying the intricacies of the art of photography. With the help of my “sensei” Jo Avila, I attended his classes and joined volunteer-assistant assignments for his photoshoots. What I’ve been doing on a DIY basis experimentation he can teach in five (5) sessions with tenfolds more tips and tricks. I’m into his Advanced Photography class and we’ll have our last session by months end. The 4 sessions we had had boatloads of ideas I can play with. The possibilities are even more endless now with all the lighting discussions I had with a group of fellow photographers. That should keep me from burning out from work and have the satisfaction from shooting photos as stress relievers.

So where do I go from here?

I’d have a full-time day job to fund my needs for photography. Do some more experimentation and probably assignments on the side. I’d like it to be a sustainable hobby (or job!) soon.

A Very Long Hiatus

Wow! It’s been over 2 months since I last posted in here!

I’ve been quite lazy lately with posting anything in this part of the blogosphere. I’ve been mostly away for a lot of personal stuff..not to mention I’ve literally moved across countries.

It’s good to be back. Now I hope to regain my momentum in posting here. I have a few more articles in mind that may be helpful.

…but before I go again, I hope everybody is having a nice Holiday season!