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Playing in the rain used to be fun…

Today becomes one of the worst tropical storm in Metro Manila’s history.  Typhoon ‘Ondoy’ wreaked havoc across the Luzon island that caught residents unprepared.  Areas that never experienced flooding before today were clueless of what to do with the rising waters.  Major highways closed, business districts flooded, and the National Disaster Coordinating Council in disarray with rescue operations in gridlock. The capital is now in a state of calamity, while I just hope rescue operations can save the stranded folks on their rooftops and cars on clogged highways.

My prayers for everyone out there.


iPhone 3G in the Philippines on Aug 22, 2008

Globe Telecom’s investors briefing today has set the initial release of the iPhone 3G on Philippine shores on Aug. 22.  A press release has been posted from Globe’s iPhone 3G site showing the mobile plans set for Globe customers.  A ‘Reserve’ button is available for eager customers to get in line for a unit come its release date.

Personally, I’m glad that a legitimate source of the Apple iPhone is available to Filipinos – including Apple’s warranty coverage.  However, my gripe is with all five mobile plans.  It’s prohibitive – and none even comes with unlimited data service.  The iPhone just became level with no distinction with other Nokias and Sony Ericsson’s in the market.  What user can make use of its 3G features, Map Location, always connected MobileMe sync capability, and iTunes and App Stores?

Finally the official price plans are out...but will I take one?

Finally the official price plans are out...but will I take one?

I was initially hoping to get one for myself…but I don’t think getting another expensive mobile plan just for the 3G version makes sense at all.  I’ll keep my classic iPhone while my Globe Visibility unlimited data plan will fill its place.

Racing Weekend!

Malaysian F1 Sepang ticket

Tomorrow’s the day! F1 starts the qualifying race for the second leg of the championship this weekend at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m no F1 fan but it will be a test of skill for me for motorsports photography. I hope to get keeper shots on this. I have a 3-day pass and I have enough time I guess to learn how to shoot well. I hope my eardrums don’t break 🙂