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I just got myself a Five, as is commonly known among barefoot runners. I was interested when I read about this a couple of weeks ago – that started from a friend who uses one. Tim Ferriss’ blog had me sold with the idea. Just looking at how different my toe stucks out in my feet last I remembered it since grade school shocked me.

Barefoot runners

Un-shod barefoot runners (look at the toe)

Shod foot

Shod foot (see how the toe deforms? ouch!)

It is unbelievable that millennia of evolution had to concede to shod culture – think of high heels as the worst impractical evolutionary shenanigan. Now I’m not entirely sure of how real it is but I decided to try it out myself and see first-hand results.

On a test run of my VFF KSO

I’ve been ‘warming up’ my KSO for the last two days. Just used it for a quick run earlier and will try to use them tomorrow on a scheduled run around the park near the office. I’ll blog about it in a couple of days of any progress and findings I get. I think I’m pretty late in joining the trend of barefoot running but I’m so interested I’d like to start a revolution of barefoot running locally in the Philippines (just as how my friend evangelizes about it to me before getting myself a pair 🙂 ).


Some Bad, Mostly Good

The Bad

The last 7 days I had an all time high with stress levels for 9 months! It’s been that long the word ‘stress’ comes close to anything that I do…the silly part – it’s not me who got stressed up the roof. I’ve only gotten close to irk and that’s it. I’ve finally got my ‘cool’ factor back! I can only hope and dream that someday work becomes fun, instead of stress. I’m on my way there.

The Good(s)

I finally bought myself a new tripod set that I’ve planned on getting for over a year! My SLIK aluminum tripod has to retire from carrying my 350D + lenses. I can finally rest easy from seeing the bent legs and the squeaking camera base. It can’t handle over 5 kilos of gear. The Manfrotto 190xprob + 486rc2 should be strong enough to handle my gears. Now that I have it, I should shoot more to prove its purpose. I didn’t buy this for nothing 🙂

I was also set to buy a new battery pack for my Macbook on my next pay but I decided to check with Digital Hub first if my bloated MB battery is covered with warranty last Saturday. This battery pack was a replacement of my then defective battery (a batch of batteries were eligible for replacement) last January 2008. I was supposed to have another year of warranty for this new battery pack but the swelling started months after January 2009. Normally, a battery pack is considered a consumable item that even an AppleCare (the 3 year extended warranty for Apple items) don’t cover them. The technicians at Digital Hub took a look at it and checked with Apple Singapore. I just got my fresh new battery pack a few hours ago after pickup. Apple agreed to replace it. Thanks Digital Hub!

Calvin and “Jobs”

I’ve always loved the humor of “Calvin and Hobbes”.  Mix that with Apple humor (esp. with Stevie) then you’d have another twist of laugh.  I got this tip from Macenstein that Mad Magazine featured a debut of their Calvin and “Jobs” comic strip.

A spoof of "Calvin and Hobbes" - Calvin and "Jobs" by MAD Magazine

A spoof of "Calvin and Hobbes" - Calvin and "Jobs" by MAD Magazine

Flickr link here.

Labor Day Weekend getaway

After several attempts of getting busy with my own mini-studio at home, work caught up on me and left my room cramped with a lot of things.  I need a refresher!

Off we went to Terengganu down southwest of KL to Redang Mutiara for a weekend getaway.  Actually, it’s my first beach trip again after two years of skipping summer because I’ve been moving between countries after the local summer season ends.

Redang Mutiara Beach

It’s always great to get a breather.  I managed to sleep on a hammock twice!  I just miss my province back in Negros.  I remember the times I sleep after siesta on our hammock at our backyard.  Sigh, I’m getting homesick…

Racing Weekend!

Malaysian F1 Sepang ticket

Tomorrow’s the day! F1 starts the qualifying race for the second leg of the championship this weekend at Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia.

Oh boy, oh boy! I’m no F1 fan but it will be a test of skill for me for motorsports photography. I hope to get keeper shots on this. I have a 3-day pass and I have enough time I guess to learn how to shoot well. I hope my eardrums don’t break 🙂

[One-A-Week] Nightscapes at Harbor Square

I met with fellow Mac users last weekend to share a common passion. Photography!

I must say I really enjoy having photoshoot ‘eyeball’ (aka – a gathering). A long time hobbyist, Dave Deluria, joined us to teach us various tips about post processing and landscape shoots.

We met at Harbor Square behind the CCP Complex by the Manila Bay. A perfect position for great views of the night skyline of Manila from the bay. We played with our cameras and get tips from Dave himself about shooting nightscapes.

I admit it’s a very challenging shoot because of the limited time. Each 5-minute changes the scenery and possibilities are almost endless – I have to be quick in deciding my shots. The bad thing though is I left my quick-release head for my tripod at home. Ugh! I have to hold my camera steadily on top of my tripod hoping to keep it still for a 30-sec shutter shot. The result? Bad framing and blurry images. 😦

I promised myself that I take the chance to visit Harbor Square again by 5pm to get a perfect lighting for shots I have in mind.

Here is one of my better shots – could have done better but at least from here on I know how NOT to take a nightscape shot.

Manila Bay Skyline

Life in Comic: Comic Life

One of the great reasons why I love Mac is the tools/apps that comes bundled with it. One particular app that I’m really fond of is Comic Life from Plasq. It’s a nifty app for making comics out of any picture or image.

Here’s one of my attempt for satirical one-panel comics.

Tom in Luneta (Comic)

** Tom & Jerry