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I just got myself a Five, as is commonly known among barefoot runners. I was interested when I read about this a couple of weeks ago – that started from a friend who uses one. Tim Ferriss’ blog had me sold with the idea. Just looking at how different my toe stucks out in my feet last I remembered it since grade school shocked me.

Barefoot runners

Un-shod barefoot runners (look at the toe)

Shod foot

Shod foot (see how the toe deforms? ouch!)

It is unbelievable that millennia of evolution had to concede to shod culture – think of high heels as the worst impractical evolutionary shenanigan. Now I’m not entirely sure of how real it is but I decided to try it out myself and see first-hand results.

On a test run of my VFF KSO

I’ve been ‘warming up’ my KSO for the last two days. Just used it for a quick run earlier and will try to use them tomorrow on a scheduled run around the park near the office. I’ll blog about it in a couple of days of any progress and findings I get. I think I’m pretty late in joining the trend of barefoot running but I’m so interested I’d like to start a revolution of barefoot running locally in the Philippines (just as how my friend evangelizes about it to me before getting myself a pair 🙂 ).


Product Photography With Jo and Cesar

Ooohs, and Aaahs…

That’s what I can say with the tips and tricks Cesar Caina taught us on my third session with Jo Avila’s Advanced Photography class. What I liked about the whole discussion was the DIY (do-it-yourself) tricks Cesar shared with us. Trying out Product Photography in my home can be much more fun without spending much since I’d only have to at least have one light and just play with it with reflections by both sides of an illustration board!

That Coffee Jar

That Coffee Jar

I’m so amazed with how creative photographers were during the film days. They make these far-off tricks a digital photographer couldn’t think of but works perfectly great for both eras – film and digital. I have to give hats off to them for living in that era. It makes me want to be a film photographer!

Philippines' Pride for a Beer

Philippines' Pride for a Beer

I didn’t realize there’s such magic in using paper plate and sticky rub!

We just shot our own model shoot last night but I have to defer posting photos until the next team finishes! Man, I really want those studio lights and softboxes!

A Bug in RemoteCaptureDC with Canon G9

Sigh! I’ve been trying to work on a simple project I have in mind using the G9 and RemoteCaptureDC. I planned to take a 24-hour time interval shot of the cityscape over the window of my apartment but the app crashed on me twice.

RemoteCaptureDC crashed in the first 9 hours, and then another. I can’t be wide awake for 24 hours so I missed the next time it crashed…lost 2 hours of capture. I can’t make a time-lapse movie out of that. I’d have to do with the 18 hours that I’ve got.

Simplistic controls

Simplistic controls

It must have been a limit in the number of shots before it crashes that is causing this – maybe a memory leak in the RemoteCaptureDC app? I have v3.0.0.13 and I can’t find any new updates that may have a bug fix. I can just hope next time I can time the ‘scheduled crash’ so I can resume the shoot.

Good thing I didn’t really miss a good sunrise so I don’t have remorse over the idea of a failed attempt. The weather over at Kuala Lumpur and over at my vintage point (window is looking northeast with KL and the Petronas Towers in view) for the last few months had not been very interesting. It was almost always clouds, short time of blue, and not a faint hint of crimson on both sunrise and sunset. It must have been better over at another location looking west to get a better sunset view.

Strobist Wannabe

So I got myself a new 580ex II flash two weeks ago.  It’s been exciting ever since.  I was pushed to buy the strobe because of this strobist site.  Reading from this rich tutorial site, strobist is a revolution amongst photographers.  An experimentation…a play with lights.

Over the next few days since I had the 580ex I looked for ‘accessories’.  I got myself a cheap wireless trigger and a DIY softbox diffuser.

A 580ex II, Cactus PT-04 wireless, and a DIY diffuser

A 580ex II, Cactus PT-04 wireless, and a DIY diffuser

I played around with the setup.  I’m very satisfied with my experiements – although they need a lot more work…but I’ll get there.

A shot of my Wacom Intuos using an off-camera strobe

A shot of my Wacom Intuos using an off-camera strobe

I have tried testing out flash guns before to convince myself of buying one.  I wasn’t really ecstatic about the results when I tested it “on-camera”.  When I read the articles in the Strobist site about wireless/remote triggers and its results in controlling shadows, I was restless to try it out.  If you want to know more about using off-camera strobes (it’s another name for a flash), then go to

My own mini-studio

I haven’t been posting on this blog for the past few days because (1) my Macbook was sent for a repair, and (2) I have been busy looking for stuff I’d use for a mini-studio that I’m setting up in my room. I’ve always enjoyed shooting photos with studio lights. I had a studio lights workshop middle of last year and I enjoyed learning a few things about the impact of lights and shadows on the subject.

I don’t have the luxury of renting a studio just for a practice photoshoot – and the fact that I’m in a foreign and conservative land, my chances are slim in finding a creative venue to learn.

So I went to Ikea to buy lamps and sheets that I can use for a DIY mini-studio. I didn’t buy those high-wattage spotlight systems because I’d like this to be a setup that even dummies can make. I used my room’s dresser as my work area.

My Mini Studio

I discovered that the mirror and glass frame of my dresser proved to be more of a problem than a bonus. I’d have to go out again and buy styrofoam sheets for a DIY light tent that I intend to build and some paper sheets as background. Oh, I also got myself a model kit of Eva 00 from XL Shop in Midvalley to be my model for my mini lighting studio. It took me over 4 days (or nights) to gather everything but I have to skip 2 nights in completing the setup because of lack of sleep. The supermarket and DIY shops is actually an hour drive from where I live so work on this was very slow – had been up until 2am for those 4 nights

Preliminary Lighting shot of EVA 00

Preliminary shots of EVA 00 – have to work on that background and probably use a DIY snoot.

I’ll pick up from where I left home tonight and see what I can make out of this little project.

Shooting with a G9

Since I’ve bought my Canon Powershot G9 I’ve been glad to have a portable and capable camera. I carry this most of the time now instead of lugging my Rebel XT. I don’t miss out opportunities to shoot something I stumble on any time, anywhere.

Here’s a sample shot from this camera. I was trying to impress my officemates of my G9 and gave a quick tutorial of long exposure at night. This isn’t set properly to get the details of the moon but I like how it turned out to make the moon like a sun.

Night sun

Raymond Leblanc, publisher of Tintin

Raymond Leblanc (1916-2008) was the man who brought Herge’s Tintin and his adventures to life (that’s Leblanc and Herge below), continued on Asterix and founded Belvision “which animate comic strip characters by hand for television” in 1954.

I was able to read a few of these comic magazines and watched a few episodes of Tintin in animated tv series. The original proponents of the adventures of Tintin has come to end but they will be remembered with passion from Tintin followers.

The news has sparked my interest in reading the whole series of comic books about Tintin. It’s like my little known hobby of buying books of Calvin and Hobbes (which I already have one – and haven’t finished yet! Ugh!).