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Playing in the rain used to be fun…

Today becomes one of the worst tropical storm in Metro Manila’s history.  Typhoon ‘Ondoy’ wreaked havoc across the Luzon island that caught residents unprepared.  Areas that never experienced flooding before today were clueless of what to do with the rising waters.  Major highways closed, business districts flooded, and the National Disaster Coordinating Council in disarray with rescue operations in gridlock. The capital is now in a state of calamity, while I just hope rescue operations can save the stranded folks on their rooftops and cars on clogged highways.

My prayers for everyone out there.


Keeping in touch…


I have been quiet lately and I do have an excuse. 🙂

My last 2 weekends had been very busy with shoots and responsibilities. I’d been working with several other mates in the office to organize a yearly event in our company. I’d like to post a One-A-Week photo but corporate policy won’t allow me to. I’ll have to do with this post to keep in touch what I’m doing these days.

I just had my Canon Rebel XT cleaned at a local service centre today and pick it up tomorrow. I had been adamant to have it cleaned for months now because I’m not so sure if they take care of out-of-warranty units. This is one of my expensive gears so you’d understand why I’m so protective of it. Here’s hoping I’d get my camera tomorrow without any trouble.

For the week, I’m planning to bring my camera along to get a sunset shot in the business district of Makati. The shades of the sunset had been very stunning lately…just today I could have taken one if I hadn’t left it at the service center.

Traffic Violation ticket…

No right turnI had my driver’s license with me for over a year and a half now. I had my baby steps in driving here in Manila but I learned most of the driving rules and laws in the US for over a year that I worked there. I never got a ticket for traffic violation. Not until last weekend.

I’d always thought my first ticket would be decent enough that I can say “Yeah, why did I do that?” but no…I’m more dumbfounded by my first ticket.

It was a Saturday evening when I drove out of a parking lot. It is a two-way street but there are no cars in the opposite direction. I saw a no left turn sign with some small scribbles below it on the left corner of the intersection to a two-way street. My instinct is to turn right carefully not to hit the parked cars in the corner.

Then it happened. I metro police hailed me at the side of the street and told me I just turned on a no right turn corner. I said, “What?! But there’s a no left turn on that corner, not a no right turn sign.” Apparently, the metro police told me that the no left turn sign has a note below ‘7AM-4pm’. Another sign – a no right turn – is on the other corner with a note below ‘4PM-9PM’.

How brilliant!!! Who would have thought that there is such a thing? I would not have missed it if both signs were on the same corner of the street one on top of the other and have the time written in large typefaces. I didn’t see the sign because I was driving a low-body Toyota Corolla while a parked van covered the sign. Geesh, it seems like these traffic enforcers wanted me to violate the sign on purpose. Several cars got stopped and apparently they just enjoyed hailing each one of them. They seem to be happy to get a quota of traffic tickets issued for the night. How convenient.

It would have been acceptable for me to have my first traffic ticket if I was the only one they issued tickets for the violation but 3 or 4 cars when I was there? It seems like these enforcers don’t want to teach drivers and go out of their way to make sure every driver sees the no right turn sign.

Sigh! Too bad for me that became my first traffic ticket. How about any of you? What was your first traffic violation? Was it as crazy as I have?

[One-A-Week] Business As Usual

Business As Usual
I’d only had this weekend to have the chance to have a photoshoot again. I had 2 weeks of dormant blogging…sorry for that. I can’t just post a one-a-week photo from my previous shoots, it’s intent was to showcase my weekly escapades for photography but it seems I lack the time the past few weeks. I’m trying to catch up with that. The next few weeks would be more productive.

Here’s a photo that I took from Quiapo today. Quiapo is not the usual place for gadget owners who has the faint of heart…Quiapo (around Carriedo, Plaza Miranda, and the Quiapo Church) is notorious for being the hotspot for pickpocketers. Ironically it is also the haven for photographers where an array of photography stores occupy the stretch of Hidalgo St.

[One-A-Week] Luneta


It’s my regular posting again.

Yesterday I’ve got a chance to meet a few more PH-PHOTO members here in Manila. Our route started from Paco Park thru Luneta, Quirino Grandstand, up to Roxas Boulevard.

My feature shot is of Manong who was eager to get his picture taken. I think most of us took a shot to get their own piece of portrait shot of Manong. So here’s mine after post-production editing. Hope you like it.